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 I'm overwhelmed by all the lovely people that approached me for amazing ideas and submissions. I thought making this zine would be a 'one man operation', which basically means me working on the zine in my free time and maybe one or two people who would contribute. I thought the first issue would be a ten-paged small zine, because I wouldn't have enough content to fill a 'whole' magazine with. 
Well, think again! Right now, I can proudly say I have twelve wonderful contributors and STILL people from all around the world are contacting me and showering me with tips, ideas and submissions. I feel like the happiest person in the world and everytime someone tells me they like the idea or the style of my zine, I just can't help but smile. I believe Holy Glitter Zine will be a wonderful world for teenage girls, not only for others, but for me too <3

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the content of the first issue "KITSCHY MAGIC" with you all. Not all content ofcourse, most of it has to stay a surprise; I want people to be amazed by all the marvelment that will be featured!

So, I can share the next content with you already:

*A cheeky 'Girl Cakes' poem
*A magical 'Project Girl' photo series
*A recipe for sand cookies (plus decoration)
*An article about introvert persons
*Three, maybe four DIY's!
*Enchanted collages
*Drawings of flowery girls
*A playlist (to listen to while reading the zine)
*A Kitschy Magic movie list

And much, much more ofcourse!!!

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