Forever a '90s kid

Oh my God! This week I received an AMAZING submission from an even more amazing person. When I uploaded a picture on Instagram with the adorable Drew Barrymore asking for new contributors, I immediately reveived an e-mail from the lovely Jaclyn. Her enthusiasm was just wonderful and it made me smile from ear to ear. In just a short amount of time, she did not only sent me a complete 90s themed photo series, but also wrote a memoir about the honor of growing up in the 90s. I couldn't believe my eyes! Her story was so relatable and genuine, it would fit the 90S NOSTALGIA issue just perfect!

Then, the dear offered to hand write the whole piece and indulge the pages in colors an Lisa Frank stickers. Honestly, I couldn't been happier when she sent me the scanned pages of her memoir. It looked like the perfect 90s dream, a piece out of a diary, teleported right out of the 90s itself. I replied to her just a few minutes ago and I was so upset (in a very good way), that I forgot to say many many positive things in my reply to her. I just couldn't wait to share a little of her wonderfulness with all you guys. (So Jaclyn, dear, if you're reading this, imagine that I'm sitting at my table, with a huge grin on my face and being exhausted from the little victory dance I just did, typing this and realising my response at your last e-mail should have been so much more enthusiastic! It's a huge understatement to say I absolutely loved it).

I will now share with you the first of three pages of awesomness Jaclyn sent me. Ofcourse, you can read the other two pages in the second issue 90S NOSTALGIA, which will be out March 30. Her photo series will ofcourse be published in the zine as well, I will sneak peek them with you soon! I think this is enough for now haha ;)

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