Halloween Special!

Since the SNACKTIME issue will be just in time for Halloween this year, I thought it would be extra nice to add a Halloween special to this very issue! So at the back of the issue, there will be an extra part, filled with Halloween themed content (preferably also snacktime themed so). I find it such a shame that where I come from (Holland), we

 don't really celebrate Halloween that much. But I still think it's one of the greatest holidays ever! So this way I can express my enthusiasm for Halloween in the SNACKTIME issue haha :)

And ofcourse, I need submissions for this Halloween special. I'm already busy creating my own content (SUPER DUPER RAD!!!), but I'd love to see whatever you guys come up with for the Halloween special! So just send an e-mail to holyglitterzine@gmail.com to chat about it or to send your submission!! <3 

p.s. maybe I will go to a Halloween party this year, it would be my very first! I hope I can find some nice persons to join me, since I'm already looking forward to it!!

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E-mail: holyglitterzine@gmail.com