Only one more month and then issue #1 KITSCHY MAGIC will be out! The deadline for submissions is December 15th, so after that I think it will be only one or two more weeks and then I will publish the first issue ever of Holy Glitter Zine!!!! That's so exciting!!!

In the meanwhile I'm already working on photo shoots, drawings, cross stitching projects  etcetera and being busy assembling all submissions ofcourse. It's crazy inside my head, thinking about everything I want to put in the zine, but I enjoy every minute of it. Working on the zine gives me so much energy, I think you can't even imagine!

I want to thank you all already for the crazy, lovely and creative submissions, ideas, tips and feedback I received. I know the first issue isn't even out, but I just KNOW it will be a killer issue, thanks to you all! :)

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