Sneak peek: cover Universe Unique

Right now I'm working very hard on finishing the Universe Unique issue! Don't get me wrong: I totally love editing using Photoshop and Indesign, putting together all the pieces while listening to the playlists contributors put together. But sometimes I get carried away a bit too much, getting excited about all the submissions and how to edit them nicely... Pfff it takes quite some energy haha :p Luckily this time I took more time to finish the issue, so I can create the issue I ultimately want :)

Anyway, here's a little sneak peek of what the third cover of HGZ will look like! (I couldn't help but put a My Little Pony on it again...) I really like the way I can express my love for the theme on the cover using all kinds of props and small thingies. This time I bought a small telescope at the thrift shop. First I wanted to use it, but since it's actually a toy, it didn't quite worked when I tried it. But fortunately I could use it for the cover, yay!

Tomorrow, the thirs HGZ issue, Universe Unique will be out. Keep in touch <3 

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  1. these images are perfect! Can't wait to see how the rest looks <3