It's time to talk about the upcoming second issue of Holy Glitter Zine! It will be published in March 2015 and will be all about 90S NOSTALGIA.

Aaaah, the wonderful memories of growing up in the nineties. The great kids TV shows, the amazing toys (like, really, the best!), the nicest candy, greatest music hits, 90's celebrities (of whom some still are awesome) and ofcourse the craziest, but coolest fashion ever. I remember playing with My Little Pony, Polly Pocket and the old Littlest Pet Shop. I'd watch Rugrats, Saved by the bell and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I'd suck on diamond shaped candy rings and absolutely loved Fruitella! I wore tattoo chokers, scrunchies and jelly sandals when I went into the pool. In short: I believe I had the best childhood a child could wish for.

In the nineties you got shitloads of presents at Christmas (I always wanted a Furby!) and played games with a fortune teller. It was the time you only had the chance to take one picture and wouldn't know if it turned out great or bad until the moment the photos were developed. It was the time you and your friends could play a game like Freddi Fish on the computer for half an hour (which was like super special!) and then went outside to blow soap bubbles or play tag. You'd wear your hair in two buns on top of your head or slept with braids so the next day you could have fuzzy hair. Your parents would wear big, light shaded jeans and listen to Bryan Adams and Whitney Houston.

I could go on like this for ages, but it's time to turn all those sweet childhood memories into nice artwork, lovely poems, great photo series, cool playlists etcetera. I already have sooo many ideas for this issue! A friend/contributor mentioned putting Seapunk into the issue and since it's some kind of 90s revival, I think its very interesting to use it in the zine. I'm also planning a 90s candy shoot and I already have tons of pictures of my 20th birtday, which was a 90s themed party! (Read more on my personal blog here).

If you have any badass ideas or advice for this issue, please go to this page and contribute! <3

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