Shop update

Since the Holy Glitter Shop is opening in January 2015, I want to tell you more about the products and crafts I will be selling. At this moment, I haven't got proper photographs of all the crafts I made this far, so until I'll post those, you'll only have the image above hihi :) Here you can already see pin-up buttons and a crocheted collar (all selfmade ofcourse).

Most items I'm going to sell in the shop will be selfmade, actually. There are a few hair accessories I will be selling which aren't, but all other items are totally self crafted! I still don't know if I want to use a platform like Etsy to sell my items, or something more like Storenvy... If you have any pros and cons about both platforms, please let me know!

Upcoming Holy Glitter Shop items:

 Soon I will post pictures of the first items, so you can see what kind of crafts I will be selling. Stay tuned 'till then <3

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