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With almost every creative girl, come very, very, VERY many projects. I'd like to refer to myself as a creative person too and yes, my head is spinning with too many ideas as well. I still got the ambition to write my own book with short stories, make my own DIY book and, ofcourse, sell my DIY items online in my very own webshop!

Fortunately, I can proudly say that my ambition to create an online zine is going pretty wonderful this far. I never thought others would be so enthusiastic about this idea as I am and I'm honoured that so many great people are willing to contribute to my own magazine. So amazing YAAAAY!

Anyway, since HGZ is going great thus far, I wanted to share with you all that a Holy Glitter Shop is coming too! I decided I wanted to do it quite a while ago, but now I'm really working on it and I'm planning to open the shop in January 2015. 
Nowadays it's so 'easy' to open an online webshop and sell your selfmade darlings to others. Right now I'm making jewelry (chokers!), flowercrowns, buttons and other cute things like crazy, so the shop will be quite filled when I'll open it :)

Everything in the shop will be selfmade

I will write an update post soon with some examples of products I will be selling~~!

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