New theme: Nature's Finest

A new year so a new theme for the zine~~~

But first I have to admit something... The beginning of this year wasn't that nice for me. Nothing bad happened, but I just didn't feel content with my actual grown-up job, the content I was creating for HGZ and life in general. I had times I was extremely happy but I had many many times I was extremely sad too, for no specific reasons. I wasn't depressed or anything (I'm definitely not the type of person to be depressed haha), I just felt meeeeh so many days. A feeling like "life is okay but I don't really enjoy it to the max at the moment". So January and the half of February were a bit crazy. I work fulltime at a tech company now and while I actually love my job and have the greatest co-workers, I was just on auto pilot the whole time. Getting up in the morning, didn't feel like going to my work, going to my work after all, finishing my to-do list, going home, cooking a meh meal and eventually laying on the couch like a potato for the rest of the evening because I didn't feel like doing anything. Every. Single. Day.
I know I know, this is a genuine first world problem. I have a really cool job, a great home, a lovely boyfriend, amazing friends and a great life in general. So it confused me even more during the times I was sad. Why was I even sad when I had/have such a great life? But now, looking back, I guess I just had to adjust to the way I was living my life back then. I just moved to a different city, had a few shitty projects at work (nothing serious, but just shitty clients) and -what bothered me most- I felt like I lost my childlike imagination and creativity. The same imagination and creativity I put in all the HGZ issues... So when I was about to finish the GIRLS SPECIAL, it felt like an obligation and it shouldn't feel that way. I started HGZ for fun, to be creative in my very own way, no restrictions, no rules. And yet I felt guilty for postponing the publishing date for the GIRLS SPECIAL again and again and again. That's why I decided early January that after publishing the GIRLS SPECIAL, I would take a (short) break.

But LUCKILY! I found myself again! My goofy, crazy, creative and happy self. I didn't know why all of a sudden I didn't feel the heavy sadness anymore or when exactly I started liking life a lot more again, but I'm so happy I got out of it (I guess the weather improving played a big role as well, that always seem to unconsciously influences my state of mind). So right now I'm back at taking photos with friends, drawing illustrations for the zine and thinking of content for a new issue. So screw that break, I will continue on working on the zine since I love it so so so much and I'm so happy I realize that right now!!!!

So NO, I am/ wasn't depressed. I just didn't feel the happy vibe anymore and I'm so so so happy that I feel it now more than ever! Thank you for letting me share this. This is exactly why I started the zine; to be my very own self and express my thoughts and feelings so maybe girls who feel the same won't feel that lonely or misunderstood anymore. Remember, you are loved by more people than you even realize <3 Even by me!



The theme for the newest HGZ issue will be.... NATURE'S FINEST!
Basically an issue filled with nature's beauty: cute & cool animals, lovely skies, adventures in the woods, the world of the zoo, gorgeous flowers, DIYs with flowers and so on and so on.
I'm planning on publishing this issue in June~~! Submissions are very very welcome again!

You are all amazing human beings! <3

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