Polly oh Polly

Do you all remember this little girl here? I bet you do! Polly Pocket was one of my favorite toys to play with when I was growing up in the 90s. Sure, I also played with the next generation Polly Pocket (the bigger ones, with the elastic clothes and fancy faces), but I adored the tiny darlings more. You never knew what kind of world was hidden in a Polly Pocket house. It could be a mermaid paradise, a restaurant with actual lights or just a very cosy home with a tiny cat. At some point, my little sister and I owned like 20 to 30 of these houses, since we loved them so much. We would build whole cities and let the hawaiian girl play in the garden of the French lady, or we would organise a party at Polly's home. It was absolute heaven! Ofcourse (just like my MLP's), I didn't keep any of these houses from when I was young. But luckily I found some Polly Pocket shells again these past few months. They make me happy everytime I open them, since they remind me of the peaceful afternoons with my sister.

That's why, in the 90S NOSTALGIS issue, I'll write a poem about Polly Pocket. An ode to Polly, since she gave me eternal playfulness and shaped me into the girl I am now <3

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