HEROES issue is coming....

Sorry it's taking so long! I've been moving the release date of the HEROES issue for so long now, but it's def coming next Thursday! There are several reasons it is taking so long.

Firstly, I was very busy with my graduation thesis this spring, so I couldn't put as much energy and effort into creating the issue the way I wanted to.
Secondly, I had the official release date set for Friday July 22, but then my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Berlin (which was marvelous!).
Thirdly, I was planning on releasing the issue this weekend, but unfortunately the company where I bring my photos to get them developed had difficulties last week and didn't have my photos developed this week, which contained some very important photo series. It's all coming next week though, so it will all work out :)

Soooo, those are the reasons why it is taking so long! Believe me, the issue will be filled with wonderful content again from lovely contributors, so it will be worth the wait ;)

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  1. Don't worry if you can't release at time, that reasons are very important, hope that the graduation went well and the trip, I'm very happy for you! ^^




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