Thank you!

I want to dedicate this post to all the lovely people that helped me create the first ever issue of Holy
Glitter Zine. These pretties all sent in some wonderful submissions, from photo series and artwork to poems and short stories. They all gave me the best enthusiasm and spirit to put all my best in the first issue and I can tell you, it's gonna be a very Kitschy Magic one! (Only 5 more days, yay!)
Starting this project, I could've never imagined meeting so many new people and  receiving so many amazing art. 

So, honestly, thank you all very much, my dear contributors! 

Ofcourse, all their work will be featured in the first Kitschy Magic issue, out on December 23rd <3

Lotte P. - photo series "My favorite fairytale"
LiLLy Vigna - photo series "Dream of white flowers"
Gènea Bailey - photo series "PROJECT GIRL"
Inés Cardó - short story "I want to be loved as a full sentence"
Lily Lips - various artwork and a poem "Girl Cakes"
Monique Pieters - article "Introvert." and a DIY "Bottles of confetti"
Giselle Morgan - photo series "Underwater Pressure"
Lydia Suffield - story "Flying Dreams and Glitter-Edged Memories"
Cait - photo series "She was first to go"
Alice Rooke - photo series "Cactus brain and feather teddy have tea"

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