90s Party!

Some weeks ago I turned 20. And even though how much I hate not being a teen anymore, I had one of the greatest birthday party EVER last weekend. I invited some friends for a 90s themed party. I had collected 90s candy and toys for months and I felt the nostalgia was strong in this one hehe :p

Anyway, it was GREAT! We danced the Macarena, played truth or dare with a selfmade fortune teller, played games with My Little Ponies and ate so. much. candy. I ordered a cake with a 90s collage with people from the 90s and for each person I cut out a head. A dear friend of mine created an hour-long collection movie of 90s videoclips, cartoons and commercials. We took pictures with polaroids and old cameras. We did so many other amazing things and I loved it so much!!!!

My sister helped with creating an awesome prop table with all the things I collected. You can see a glimpse of that table on the picture above. For now, I won't share any other pictures with you, since I will publish the pictures in the second issue of Holy Glitter: 90S NOSTALGIA!

(Is it too early for talking about the second issue when there isn't even a first one...? :p)

If you have a birthday coming up and you love the nineties as much as I do, make sure you throw a 90s party (oh and send me the pictures ofcourse, I would love that!)

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