Sneak peek: HGZ Souls

Hi there! Last week I had an amazing shoot week! On Friday I invited two of my best friends, Mayke and Renee, to my home for a shoot for the Mythical Creatures issue. They dressed up wearing animal masks and fake fur coats, pretending to be so-called "HGZ Souls". This picture is a sneak peek of a very cool photo series that will be featured in the next zine :)
We also did another shoot: Mayke and Renee were two magical Unicorn Sisters laying in bed and covered in rainbow lights....

On Saturday, my lovely friend Rebecca came over and I shot photos of her wearing my selfmade (flower)crowns. They turned out so sooooo beautiful!! You can see a sneak peek of that shoot on my instagram account: @holyglitter.

So much wonderful entries for the Mythical Creatures issue <3 <3 <3

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