Collecting Space

Hi everyone! It's time again to start collecting objects for the next issue "Universe Unique". I went to a great collectors fair last weekend and there I found old astronomy postcards and the little fella on the left. Besides that, I fortunately have a membership on a magazine that's all about science-stuff and there's many articles in it about galaxy and space! Luckily I can use all that to craft some neat thingies for the zine :)

This afternoon I'm planning on going to the thrift shop, maybe I can find some sweet E.T. objects there :) Collecting items and images for an issue is one of my favourite moments for creating a new issue. It inspires me and mostly I come across special little treasures. Yay!

AND! I'm still looking for new contributors and nice submissions for the Universe Unique issue, so if you'd like to contribute, please go here

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