Thank you!

I'm so happy with all the lovely comments and feedback I receive on the 90s Nostalgia issue. It makes me smile whenever I receive a kind message or e-mail, so thank you for doing so :)

But enough about me: this post is for the wonderful, magical, lovely contributors that helped me create the 90s Nostalgia issue. This time, eleven very creative girls sent me artwork, drawings, photo series and articles about their sweetest memories of the 90s. Some girls from the first issue (Kitschy Magic) even worked on this zine too, how great!

This time I even made new online friends, and even a new snailmail penpal! Again, when I started HGZ at first, I could've never imagined the world I am in right now, surrounded by the most creative and sweetest people :)

So honestly, thank you all very much, my dear contributors and new friends! <3

Ofcourse, all their work is featured in the 90s Nostalgia issue.

Jaclyn Lockhart - article "Forever a 90's Kid", article "Growing up 90's" and 
photo series "Life is strange and now so am I"
Mayke Peeters - collage Seapunk
Allison Tovey - photo series "Cool Schmool"
Kristen Sinclair - 90s playlist and article "90s Fascination"
Madison Summerfield - 90s Shrine, Carrie candle and photos
Loubna Kouibaa - Troll drawing
Lorelei Childress  - artwork 90s Queens and Carrie
Gènea Bailey - photo series "MACY"
Giselle Morgan - polaroid photo series 
Lydia Suffield - story "Rugrats Tears and Everything Bright"
Cait - poem "When you grow up, your heart dies" and photo series

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