About the zine

Holy Glitter Zine is a free online zine for teenage girls who love kitsch, nostalgia, geeks, magic and much much more! The idea of the zine arised in the summer of 2014, when I decided I wanted a magical piece of internet of my own, filled with my fantasies and creativity. I want HGZ to be a safe haven for creative girls, where they can find their other ingenious soulmates and indulge in the world of magic for a while. Visit the issuu page here or take a look at the issues mentioned below.

These are the Holy Glitter Zine issues:

Submissions are very welcome! If you would like to contribute, then please go to this page.

About the girl

My name is Fleur, a 22 year old girl who lives in the Netherlands and hates not being a teen anymore. I always dreamt of having my own (real) magazine, but since the internet is a great place where everyone can look at your zine and where (most) things are free, I guess an online zine will perfectly do for me as well!
I like to call myself an explorer of the (online) world. I like watching movies and crafting a lot (while watching movies basically). I also like very girly things, adorable animals, reading Young Adult books and writing snailmail.

I also contributed to other wonderful zines!
-Heartbreak Nation Zine #2: Beliefs - Jesus Poem (page 33)
-The Candy Zine Issue Two: May - Photo series & Lana Del Rey candy background (page 28 - 32)
-Heartbreak Nation Zine #3: Youth - Room of a teenage girl (page 38)
-The Candy Zine Issue Five: August and September - Europe Trip (page 22)

Feel free to contact me if you want to chit-chat, tell me your childhood stories or if you just want someone to e-mail to: holyglitterzine@gmail.com. I'll be your gal <3


E-mail: holyglitterzine@gmail.com