Holy moly, it's already time to reveal the theme of the sixth Holy Glitter Zine issue! It's all going so damn fast, but I still love doing what I do and giving others the opportunity to submerge in the Holy Glitter World and contribute wonderful creations :)

Anyway, the theme for the next issue will be: HEROES! 
By heroes I mean persons or icons that inspire you, helped you through rough periods in life, contributed to your self-development, intrigue you, give you chills, love you, will always be there for you etcetera. 

Ofcourse, your hero could be anyone or even anything! Your mom or dad, sister or brother, best friend, a celebrity, a historical person, an icon or maybe even a cartoon character. Anyone or anything will do, as long as your love for your hero/heroine is clear.

The contribute page is updated, so please take a look there if you'd like to contribute :)

The HEROES issue will be out in May/June 2016 <3 

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