Hello sweet creatures of the universe!
I received many lovely comments and feedback on the Universe Unique issue, so first of all: thank you very much for all the support and compliments :) That's why I keep on creating issues and still love what I'm doing!
Secondly, I decided on a new theme for the next issue (the fourth one already!). You might have seen it on the Instagram account already, but nownow the official way: the theme for the newest issue will be SNACKTIME! 🍭
It's not gonna be an issue about food with recipes and cook tricks... It will be an issue about the art of food, the lovely moments you spend with friends while having a snack, imagining what the world would look like if we would live in a candyworld; basically what snacktime means to you!
The pastel world of food, snacks in a very cute way and DIY's that have to do with food.
Right now I'm already working on a photoshoot which I will edit digitally, a tie dye DIY and candy girls illustrations.
The issue will be out in October/November this year :)
Your love for food and snacks expressed in photos, poems, playlists, DIY's or recipes, artwork etc. What does your perfect snacktime looks like? Do you like to snack healthy or with candy? What would your ultimate snack table look like? Just express your love for food in a creative way! Check this page to contribute.

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  1. Yay! Such a fun theme, I hope there's lots of yummy things like macaroons, cereal and meringues in the issue <3_<3